App:  SideSwipe

Version:  1.1

Price:  $.99

App:  SideSwipe lite

Version:  2.0 (new)

Price:  free

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SideSwipe introduces you to a new way to control your music. By exposing the great multi-touch architecture built into the iPhone and iPod Touch you are able to control your music playback with simple gestures. It's a great application that lets you keep attention where it's needed and still rock out! A must have when listening to music in the car.

[Full Version Features]

• Tap - Play/Pause
→ Swipe Right - Next Song*
← Swipe Left - Previous Song*
    *Inverse setting available for swipe direction, Next/Previous song.
⇅ Slide Up/Down - Volume
•• Tap Tap - Lock/Unlock application input
Disable Device Auto-Lock
  • Always
  • On Power Only
  • Never

Try the lite version for free today!